We are looking for out-going, friendly, & knowledgeable local professionals!

Do you own a business? Offer a service? Sell a product? Freelance? Or just LOVE what you do?
Teaching for Sip & Skill is a great opportunity to market yourself & what you have to offer by teaching your passion to students eager to learn the basics of a variety of skills at a beginner level in a fun, engaging, hands-on class/workshop experience! You can teach about any skill you have knowledge of & passion for! You don’t need to be an expert or have any credentials to teach a class! You will have the ability to plan, structure, and create your class in any way you’d like. Your class can feature games, activities, projects, and/or discussions! You can add music, props, PowerPoints, and just about anything you can imagine! We can use your venue or one of our pop up locations! Each class provides you with 2 hours to meet, mingle, teach, create, engage, promote, market and network with local Charlotteons! Plus, we handle all of the marketing, booking, supplies, & materials!

Contact Us at Teach@SipandSkill.com to learn more!