We love promoting local brands, start ups, professionals, & small business!

We have integrated 3 types of sponsorship available for you to network, build your brand. promote your business, and market your services to a target audience!

1. Market your logo/brand on our website & in our classes via our Slide Show featured to 1,000s of students each month for a 90 day period for one flat price.

2. Set up a table/booth at our class/event (you can choose the date/event) and showcase your product, service, business in any way you’d like from a simple to detailed display- completely up to you! Feature giveaways, promotional items, marketing material! You will have one on access with students from each class to acquire new customers and brand awareness!

3. Lastly, we have a package that includes 1 & 2.

Private Events: You can also book a private event for your team/staff as a great TEAM BUILDING opportunity or just to unwind, relax, and have fun!

If you’d like to know more about these opportunities & more!

Contact us at: Info@SipandSkill.com